Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

A Deal Made

wherein our "heroes" go about fulfilling their end of the bargain...

The deal made between Morph and Miraal of House Xarzax requires the party to steal something from the Grimmerzhul mine. This something is a hunk of a metal known as Deep Copper. Deep Copper is copper that is exposed to the energies of the Far Realm. Certain areas of the Underdark, Kevinneq explained, are weak and are subjected to the influence of whatever otherworldly realm that they border. The Far Realm is an alien dimension were the very laws of reality are twisted and warped. This Deep Copper will allow Kevinneq to complete the Amulet of Saruun—giving the wielder complete control over all the Bronze Warders in Saruun Khel. The plan is that once Kevinneq finishes the amulet, then the drow will use it to eliminate the Mages of Saruun and use Saruun Khel as an outpost for unknown (but certainly nefarious) purposes.

The wizard Morph decides to stay with Kevinneq in order to learn the secrets of the amulet’s construction. The party proceeds down passages which lead to the King’s Highway, named for the legendary creation of the Underdark, when the god Torog tunneled throughout the earth in a vain attempt to escape from the realm.

Unbeknownst to the party, they were being shadowed by a Minotaur warrior named Minoan,who had been set upon by a monstrously large carrion crawler. Hearing the beasts shrieks and Minoan’s war-cries, the party jumps into action and quickly subdues the beast. Minoan’s stated goal is to restore Saruun Khel to it’s former greatness. He finds a comrade in Tangarth Saruun and they quickly determine that they’re from the same clan that disappeared from the minotaur empire over 300 years ago. The party eagerly recruits the new minotaur warrior.
The party then travelled back to the Tower of Mysteries and then on to the Seven Pillared Hall. Stopping in the halfling run tavern there, they are approached by a rather tall (by human standards, anyway) man carrying a stone-headed hammer. After some difficult communication, he introduces himself as Onyx Soulcave and soon joins the party.

The misfit band sets out and, after a day of travel, arrives at the Grimmerzhul Mine. The stink of the place is the first thing they notice and it leads them to a guard chamber, wherein duergar task masters, ogres and a host of orcs clash with them. Minoan and Onyx, the new guys, charge up and down the chamber, delivering brutal beatings on the hapless orcs. Tangarth does his double-pointy thing and rains down death at a distance. Benn and his unnamed bear companion strengthen the party and allow for attacks from positions of relative safety. The ogre mercenaries deliver the most challenge, scoring a few good blows against the party. In the end, all of the humanoids and ogres have retreated or are dead. A fleeing duergar is slain by Tangarth (yet another charging minotaur!), right before he triggers a lethal trap that would’ve collapsed the floor of the chamber.



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