Mysteries of the Nentir Vale


wherein the Scions of Salruun bask in the glory of victory....

The Scions of Saruun have just defeated Miraal of House Xarzax and “freed” Kevinneq from here fane in the Underdark. With the apprentice liberated, the party heads back to the Thunderspire Labyrinth. They soon come across a trade caravan run by Grimmerzhul duergar (who apparently don’t realize that this very group demolished one of their mines) and guarded by a large number of orcs. They immediately notice that several humanoids including minotaurs, svirfneblin, and dwarves are gathered here as well, but not willingly. They sport slave collars and manacles. As is the practice of the duergar, the slaves are up for sale. Immediately, the recently freed Belwar Jokulhaups is angered by such a brutal reminder of his days in bondage. Inexplicably, Minoan enters into negotiations with the duergar merchant towards the purpose of purchasing one or more slaves. Belwar is incensed and can barely restrain himself. As the bartering continues, Belwar loses his shit and throws a cup of ale in the duergar’s face and attacks him with his mighty warpick. Minoan is, to put it mildly, annoyed by the action and such begins a short battle in which the Scions defeat a large number of orcs and duergar and scare the rest off.

One of the enslaved minotaurs named Girthrax, recognizes the Axe of Guftor —sage and historian of the Saruun minotaur clan. He, along with his mate, Maif , are “freed” by Minoan (although it appears that the minotaur barbarian has no plans to let them leave of their own accord). Also rescued are a group of five dwarves from a city called Forgehome, a small number of svirfnebli (most of whom elect to head back to Rockhome, the deep gnome city that is home to Belwar), and a half-orc named Thar.

The Scions return to the Tower of Mystery with their new companions in tow and plot their next move. Here, Girthrax reveals what he knows about the Axe of Gruftor: the giant greataxe is actually a key that opens the tomb of Kaldos—leader of the Torog-worshipping faction of the Saruun Khel minotaurs. The freed slave goes on to inform the party of the location of the tomb—in the nearby Khel Vale, above ground and near Thunderspire Mountain.

After returning to the Seven Pillared Hall to restock their provisions, the Scions, accompanied by Girthrax set out to locate the Tomb of Kaldos. After some arduous climbing, the party reaches a cluster of ruins surrounding a much larger and more ancient building. The ruins are the home of a small group of ogres, which forces the Scions to plan out an approach.

Stealth is the order of the day, so, the group improvises a wooden raft out of deadfall trees and floats down the river that skirts the ruined village. All is well, until Onyx Soulcave blunders into misfortune and alerts the ogres to the party’s presence. A furious melee ensues. Although battered and bleeding, the Scions are successful in both defeating the ogres and gaining entry into the Tomb of Kaldos.



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