Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Assault on Thunderspire

our heroes battle the nefarious wizard Paldemar and others

The Gang of Misfit Heroes, upon venturing to Thunderspire Mountain, were hired by the Mages of Saruun to defeat the renegade Paldemar and foil his plot to wrest control of the Seven-Pillared Hall from his former comrades. To that end, they conduct incursions against Paldemar’s forces located throughout Thunderspire Labyrinth—the vast network of tunnels and passages the comprise the former Minotaur stronghold. After destroying the evil wizards Infernal Machine, they set to confront the wizard himself in a “deserted” duergar stronghold. The heroes breach the doors of the place to discover a poison-dart trap, a powerful vanguard of duergar warriors before facing the evil wizard, his norker allies and a bronze warder.

The heroes defeated Paldemar and chose to capture the renegade, rather than slaying him outright. With prisoner in tow, the party makes it’s way through the labyrinth to discover the faerie Zipgrass in a dark passage. The fey creature warned them of a group of Demogorgon cultists in the next chamber which were handily defeated. The party continued on, after this, and stopped to rest in a large cavern with a subterranean river flowing through a section. Suddenly, they were beset by a large force of Blackfang Gnolls—sent by the demon Maldrick Scarmaker to rescue Paldemar from the meddlers sent by the Mages.

The gnolls threw themselves upon the party with reckless abandon. A main force engaged in melee with the “do-gooders” as a Huntmaster rained arrows. Using the tumult, a pair of gnolls split off from the main force and freed Paldemar from his restraints. The wizard fled from the melee, toward a dark passage, but the quick-thinking heroes caught up with the renegade and, finally, slew him.

The party returned to the Seven-Pillared Hall to announce their victory to the Mages of Saruun. While waiting for their promised reward of 450 gp and a magic item each, the Mage of Saruun tasked them with clearing out their new holding—Paldemar’s Tower of Mysteries. The tower was a place holy with the worship of Vecna, Keeper of Dark Secrets. Accordingly, when the party entered the bottom level, they were set upon by a lethal necrotic fog, vicious Stench Ghouls and a hovering armored jar which contained a warped and evil brain.



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