Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Battle of the Seven Pillared Hall

the Scions of Saruun take their first step toward the overthrow of the greedy mages

Having returned from the Tomb of Kaldos, the Scions of Saruun return to the Tower of Mystery. All are worn out from the events of the last few days. Discussion soon turns to what the party should do next and the exhausted party soon settles on confronting the Mages of Saruun.

To that end, they must use Kevinneq’s Amulet of Saruun to attune the warders to be controlled by Tangarth Saruun. The Scions enter the Seven Pillared Hall and begin a hasty reconnoiter of the area around the teleport pad that they’ve seen the Mages use. Seeing that the coast is clear, Tangarth makes his first attempt and fails! The bronze warder immediately springs to animation and tramples the hapless sorcerer.

The battle that ensued went very badly for the Scions. Despite his best efforts, Tangarth repeatedly failed to attune the warder, triggering violent reprisal. The other bronze warder soon animates and wreaks havok for the rest of the party. Despite heroic efforts, the party is barely able to scratch the warder’s body. Suddenly, the Ordinator Arcanis appeared, accompanied by yet another warder.

Seeing the Mage of Saruun, the party sprang into action against a foe that they could touch. The Mage was barely able to get off a spell or two before being skewered, hacked and bludgeoned to death. Soon after beating the mage to a pulp, Tangarth finally succeeds in placing one of the warders under his control. In time, one of the others is attuned and the one that accompanied the mage is destroyed.

With no further mage reinforcements, the Scions decide to gain entry into the Tower of Saruun. The party gathers on the rune-inscribed circle while Tangarth utters the amulet’s command word.

Immediately, the Scions find themselves in foyer, of sorts. Seven pillars adorn the room and their are 3 curiously-marked doors leading out. After checking them for traps, the men decide to enter the door marked with flame. A shimmering portal greets them as they open the door. Hesitantly, the Scions enter the portal.

The party finds itself surrounded by earth motes, drifting in the midst of a void. Bridges of stone connect the motes to a larger island on which stands a stone tower.
Replications of the large minotaur statue in the Seven Pillared Hall prove to be traps that throw magical projectiles which injure several party members. Also joining the fight are several bats, which sweep down to attack everyone.

Most of the party flees the battle to the supposed-safety of the tower. Upon entry, more bronze warders were discovered and, ultimately, attuned. When the Scions ascended the staircase to the tower’s upper level, they encountered (presumably) an actual Mage of Saruun. A brief struggle occurs, but, before the Scions can slay him, he teleports away.


(- I thought the mage snapped a rod and was able to teleport from the fight before we killed him -)

Battle of the Seven Pillared Hall

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