Mysteries of the Nentir Vale


wherein the Scions of Saruun Khel endeavor to fulfill their part of the deal

The Scions of Saruun Khel have just spent the last couple of days recuperating from their previous delve to the Grimmerzhul Mine. Having secured the Deep Copper from the place, the party develops a scheme to exchange the real ore with fake and give it to Miraal, drow priestess of House Xarzax. To this end, the heroes produce a chunk of regular copper ore and use both luminescent fungi and phosphorescent minerals to give it an authentic aura.

As the Scions progressed to the drow outpost, the passageway they are traversing collapses, depositing them into a natural chute-like worm tunnel which, in turn, deposits them in a small chamber. They are surprised when two Grell float down from the dark ceiling of the chamber and begin their tentacled attacks.

The grell viciously grabbed and lashed at the “men,” leaving them bloodied and some near death! The situation was tense, but the party eventually triumphed when the grell were killed and driven-off, respectively.

The Scions quickly regained their original direction and neared the drow cavern. Again, the found the outpost mostly deserted. They headed straight for the Fane of Miraal which, only a few days before, was the site of a parley by the wizard Morgath. He’d agreed to do the drow’s bidding and steal the deep copper from the Duergar of the Grimmerzhul clan. When it was time for the party to embark on this task, he chose to stay with the drow and Kevvineq so that he might learn the secrets of the amulet’s creation from the apprentice.

Outside of the Fane, the trap was sprung! Two drow, mounted atop wicked Blade Spiders appeared from the darkness to either side of the front of the doors and skewered some of the Sions with devastatingly painful Death Lances. A huge tactical error on the second rider’s part led to him falling prone in front of the skirmish line. Although the tenacious drow warrior stuck Onyx and others with his dagger, the barbarian kept him prone and immobilized him.

Next, 3 swarms of spiders skittered toward the party and proceeded to make movement difficult from some Scions.

Shortly after this, 3 Guardian Demon Abominations charged through the doorway of the temple, followed by Miraal of House Xarzax herself.

Combat paused briefly as Onyx Soulcave produced the fake deep-copper and gave him to the priestess. Seemingly pleased by the news, Miraal offered the party a bargain. The Scions would leave all of their weapons and equipment behind and return to Thunderspire Labyrinth. Rather than aquiesce, the party rededicated themselves to the battle and managed to slay both drow warriors. and began laying into the Guardian demons.

The battle, which had heretofore been in the drow’s favor, shifted to favor the Scions as Minoan charged Miraal, impaling her with his Great Spear.
Despite the horrendous grasping and raking of the Guardian Demons’ tentacle attacks, the rest of the party quickly overwhelmed Miraal, who surrendered to the Scions. She was slain shortly after, regardless. Wil carved into the dead priestess’s chest and tore out her heart. He through it against the wall of the cavern. To prevent her resurrection, the party put her remains to flame.

After looting the Fane of some valuable treasures (including the revealing Miraal’s Journal) and “freeing” Kevinneq, the Scions of Saruun Khel set out to return to the Tower of Mystery, back in the Labyrinth.



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