Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Defeat of Nosnra

The adventurers woke from their extended rest in the Smithy. Nemozaran pulled out a scroll from a pouch on his waist. Making the dwarf and orc comfortable on the stone floor with old fur skins, he proceeded to finally heal their wounds. Telling the remaining hostages to wait till they got back, the group decided to explore the secret temple. Heading back into the mines, they came into a spot where the miners discovered an ancient passageway.

The walls of this collapsed corridor bore faded murals depicting figures clad in violet robes. The figures marched solemnly toward the north. Tentacles protrude from their robes, where arms should be.

This dark room was strangely free of dust and lined with green stone, veined with purple. Four pillars of similarly-colored stone are carved to resemble knots of tentacles that unfurl and spread across the vaulted ceiling. Empty alcoves lined the north and south walls, and an altar of translucent yellow stone stood at the far end of the room. Behind the altar was a deep alcove with a concave back wall made of glassy, violet stone. The party saw a monstrous form reflected in its surface, and then they realizde that the reflection was their own. This concave, violet wall drew the heroes’ eye, and as they gazed into its reflective surface, an amorphous form with writhing black tentacles appears within. You suddenly feel the urge to do something . . . terrible.

A Mage of Saruun, Perakos, by name, with a long nose, burnt ear and wearing glasses discussed something in whispery voices with the hill giant shaman, Hunamunths.

“The Prince of Demons enjoys the chaos and wanton destruction the giants are bringing to the Nentir Vale. Our agreement with you stands. The minotaurs will be kept busy protecting their ill-gotten 7 Pillared Hall. We look forward to you crushing the dwarves! We shall then have Fallcrest between the hammer and the Anvil! Dagon’s plan is foolproof! You were wise to consult with me. This Temple is a glorious find. We shall pray to the gods of the Abyss on your behalf, I shall teach you the ritual to commune with Demogorgon’s Cult.”

The party rushed in to stop this unholy alliance. Spewing forth elemental power the mage retreated up the stairs towards the altar. The Shaman sent blasts of minor earthquakes into the party’s midst. Sneaking up and planting his giantslayer deep into the back of the giant, Scroopel caught his own reflection in the mirror. A blast of power from another plane struck him in the forehead and left a scar like an upside down Y. The resulting insanity that racked his little brain made him run up and place his hand on the altar. Going cross-eyed, he forgot what he was doing there as an amorphous purple blob rose from the altar.

Shield leaped into the fray, absorbing blast after blast of elemental streams. When Duggin placed the strange holy symbol on the altar, the symbol sunk into it and transformed into an amorphous blob. After a few seconds, this blob coalesced into a purple gem with black veins. The gem rose up to the top of
the altar. The gem is worth 5,000 gp.letter.jpg

Stone steps lead up from the chief ’s treasury. In the niche past the stairs, is a large, unlocked wooden trunk containing twenty-one scroll tubes made from hollowed bones. One scroll tube contains a letter to Nosnra, written in Giant, from someone named Obmi.

Two padded chairs, each one covered with stitched human skin, face the fireplace, above which is mounted the head of a great white stag. Between the chairs stands a round table with a pair of bronze flagons atop it. A bearskin rug covers the floor in front of the fireplace. The characters enter through a secret door in the western wall. Sleeping in one of the chairs, was the Hill Giant chief, Nosnra. Scroople sneaked up to Nosnra and created a deep line of red across his neck.
A dire bear burst into the room, followed by Nosnra’s Hill Giant minions and Laerthar, a massive stone giant.

Shield was immediately set upon by the dire bear, absorbing vicious slam after vicious slam. Several of Nosnra’s minions also assailed the construct-turned-hero. Nosnra retreated to the back of the room, greviously wounded. Scroopel tried to move in on the Chief, but was hampered by the other giants.

Nimozaran unleashed a deadly ball of fire, incinerating. Nosnra’s lackeys and further wounding the Chief and his stone giant lieutenant. Finally, the path to Nosnra was open, and Scroopel closed in, only to be smashed by Nosnra’s fist, as he came within reach. Duggin repeatedly called upon his divine patrons to heal the beleaguered Shield and Scroopel. The party’s relentlessness awarded them victory, as their foes finally succumbed to their wounds.

Six log pillars and a web of blackened rafters supported the ceiling, which reached its apex 30 feet above. A great fire pit dominated the hall. Roasting over the pit was an ox, two sheep, and four pigs impaled on spits. Behind the fire pit stood a long trestle table cluttered with haunches of meat, chunks of cheese, bread, and clay mugs. Around the table were five
chairs, three against the back wall and one on each end. The middle chair was larger than the others and covered with
furs. Empty barrels, crates, and chests litter the hall, their contents plundered from caravans and villages that have recently fallen victim to the giants’ depredations. The heroes took a well-deserved break to enjoy their incredible victory!



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