Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Fane of Miraal

Having finally reached the meeting place first mentioned in the mysterious letter to Paldemar, the party begins exploring side passages off of the main hall. They are nearly buried alive by a cave-in whilst tracking one of the fleeing drow warriors. The Men of Fallcrest discovered him waiting to cut a rope bridge spanning a dark chasm. Morph hypnotized the evil elf, compelling him to jump into the abyss. The stubborn and still alive drow climbed up the cliff wall and grabbed on to Benn Slouthestryder, threatening to join him in a death-plunge. Before that could happen, however, the drow was slain.

The side passage led back to the main hall and the adventurers chose to explore a large structure off the main hall. The building possessed two giant-sized doors and emanated a purplish glow. The cyclopean doors were festooned with bas-reliefs and carvings of spiders and webbing and, curiously, left ajar.

Finn Birchcutter, the curious halfling, proceeded into the building for a reconaissance. Inside, the dimunitive rogue saw a beautiful drow female,Miraal of House Xarzax, dressed in form-fitting chainmail and flanked by several demonic entities. Barely into the Fane, the halfling was spotted by a mounted patrol—a blade spider ridden by a drow warrior, suspended high on the wall.

After retreating out from the building, Finn shoved his little hand into his pocket and grabbed a handful of copper pieces. He proceeded to close the double doors and jammed the coins between them, locking them fast.

Miral’s minions threw themselves against the doors with all their might, but were hampered by the improvised copper piece ward.

MorphMorgath began an interesting parley through the door. Miraal mentioned that they might be forgiven their trespass on Lolth’s Unholy Fane if they would secure something from the Grimmerzhul duergar clan. To further edify the adventurers, the priestess produced Kevinneq, the heretofore unknown apprentice of Paldemar.

Kevinneq related to them that he had copied all of the evil mage’s research into the Infernal Machine; going so far as constructing a new one that would allow him to construct an item that would spell doom for the Mages of Saruun—the Amulet of Saruun . This item would, according to Kevinneq, allow the wielder to control not just one Bronze Warder, as the Mages’ of Saruun’s amulets do, but all of the constructs. Kevinneq just needs one more thing before he can finish constructing the magic item. What the party was tasked with was taking that special something from the duergar. The motley assemblage of adventurers have agreed to the task. So begins your descent into the truly unknown.



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