Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Fire Giant Smithy and Torture Chamber


map2.jpgAfter dealing with the bugbears manning the gongs they find that a few smoky torches burn along the walls. Benches and tables are pushed out of the way, revealing a black stone floor worn by the tread of countless feet. Quietly and quickly moving down the southern passage they found a row of prisons. Dwarves made plaintiff whining for the adventurers to release them as they passed by. They told them of the dungeon, about the bugbear guards, the giants, apes, the torture room to the east they could hear the screams of the newest victims and the clang of the fire giant Smolderheart in the room beyond making weapons of war for the giant steading. The group assured their release when all was safe for them, but until them to stop causing a ruckus and let the party do their job.

This part of the dungeon is particularly noisy. Sounds of metal striking metal issue from the smithy (area 8A), but the noise is muffled by horrid screams emanating from the torture chamber (8b).

Enticed by the noises beyond Duggin, Scrooples, Shield and Nemozaran opened the door to the torture chamber.

This area contains an iron maiden, a wooden rack, iron boots, thumbscrews, chains, whips, branding irons, and strappados. Two hill giants wearing black hoods torture a half-orc strapped to the rack. One of them tightens the
winch while the other lashes the half-orc with a scourge. Mounted above a pit of hot coals in the center of the room is
a heavy iron spit to which a gagged dwarf has been tied.

The surprised giants were dazed by the magic of the dwarf and old wizard while shield ensured they could not escape and the little goblin clambered up their backs and slit their throats while they attempted to flee and cry for help. Their cries erupted in a gurgle of blood as the short sword giant slayer lived up to its name and the little goblin giggled in delight.

Releasing the half-orc they discovered he was from the Severed Eye orc tribe and was being tortured because he was attempting to lead the orcs in revolt. Javok is a scout who was captured by the giants while on a reconnaissance mission. He recently tried to lead the orc slaves in a revolt against his captors, but the uprising was put down quickly. He is in rough shape as the rack has pulled his arms and legs out of their sockets.

Releasing the dwarf from the spit he tells you he is Nyzan Silvervein. He describes the temple to the East that has depictions of priests in robes with tentacles in the place where arms might be.

Taking a quick break they investigated the Torturers’ Quarters and found a pair of giant-sized beds covered with musty furs and two large, unlocked wooden chests. The chests contained an assortment of bones, trick cards and moldy bread. In addition, one chest contained a sack of 500 gp, and the other contained a potion of vitality. Leaving the dwarf and orc in the beds of the giants to rest they promised to return and heal them.

Entering the Smithy they see: Giant-sized weapons and armor lie scattered along the walls of this hot and smoky room. A large iron stove serves as a forge, and in front of it stands a giant with flaming-orange hair and charcoal-colored skin. He wears a chainmail apron, has tight green pants, and he holds a white-hot axe blade steady atop an anvil using a pair of iron tongs. Then, he strikes the blade with his fiery hammer. Shackled dwarves and several orc slaves, all covered with soot, are helping the giant by pumping the bellows and assembling armor. As he sees the party enter the room he bellows out a command to kill them and with a mighty strike of his flaming hammer he releases a giant elemental that appeared to be bound to the stove.ce__fire_giant_blacksmith_by_orogion-d6yqkiw.jpg

Acting quickly Duggin called out to his gods Moradin and Torog and quickly rebound the elemental. The wizard incapacitated the horde of orcs that tried to stop their advance by turning their blood to stone. Going to work the goblin let fly a magical stone, from his sling that teleported Shield right in front of the Fire giant. Smashing down in huge fiery streaks the giant’s hammer bounced off the seemingly indestructible construct. The rest of the team assembled around the frustrated giant and brought him to his knees while the dwarven slaves rejoiced at their salvation!

Piled against the walls of the room are some of Smolderheart’s creations, including giantsized weapons (nineteen longspears, forty-one spears, sixteen battleaxes, and nine two-handed swords) and various pieces of giant-sized armor. Smiling triumphantly Duggin grabbed the fire giant’s +3 flaming Warhammer.


nice job with flaming stove prop – kudos to Duggin and Scrooples for control and DPS. well done.


Duggin grabs the warhammer and looks it over with the admiration of a true connoisseur of weaponsmithing. “This’ll do indeed, praise moradin.” He says quietly.

“Defeating the fire giant and freeing the slaves should strike a blow to giants’ martial capabilities, at least temporarily”. Duggin looks over the rack of weapons and armor. “I wonder if the orcs would be more amenable to uprising if they had some weapons? We should ask Javok.”


Javok enters the Smithy holding a large knife. He is limping but has the dwarf Nyzan Silvervein on his right arm, helping him walk. They are accompanied by 2 orc slaves whose gaze drops to the floor as they see you.

Javok raises his chin in a form of a wave. “These two found you resting – luckily I was able to convince them that you are not as feeble as you appear.” He glances over at the old man snoring soundly. “Aye I am sorry to intrude, but this is a dangerous place to rest – and in response to your question – Aye these weapons will be well received, but as I have found, we are not capable of a full-fledged uprising. I think the best we can do is regroup, to face the giants head on would only spell disaster for the Severed Eyes and the Glintshields… but perhaps united… I know we have had our differences in the past but this threat is too powerful to be overcome by shear force alone. I can lead my clansmen and yours to the safety of the Citadel, we can send word to our people. The clan is in hiding as when we refused to join the giants initially… well you can see the outcome of their response. We will not bend the knee to the giants as we do not enjoy being slaves.”


“Hrmm, I do agree that an alliance is necessary between the Glintshield and the Severed Eye, but I believe we intend to stay here and kill Nosnra to disrupt the Giants’ organization even further before we head back to the Citadel though…”

“If you must go back immediately, please bring the message back concerning the information we found from Balastraya in the Stone Giant’s room to Thane Harvak. I can also write a message with an arcane mark to the Thane explaining our meeting here and why I believe an alliance is needed. I don’t think it should take too much convincing given the dire circumstances.”


The sounds of robes rustling and wood scraping on the ground momentarily draws attention. Nimozaran jumps into the air a few feet, as a loud fart echoes through the chamber. Shaking off the remnants of sleep, the wizard stutters and tremors his way to audibility.

“…rrrunngggga, natta sumpff….Hossenfeffer!

The rest of the chamber was dead quiet, with the exception of Scroopel.

“Gneh! What the fuck?”

Tangarth shakes his head while Shield stands motionless—except his head, which pivots back and forth, from the goblin to the befuddled wizard.

“Uh, sorry, what was I saying?” Nimozaran asked


“Well I’d like to deliver this message, but I am not in the condition to travel, especially considering we will need to hide from the giant’s encampments. Perhaps if we could find a place for an extended rest? We will also need to free the prisoners – I am sure that will attract unwanted attention. Many of my clansmen and yours are mining to the north. They rest in a chamber down the hall from here, course the Bugbears keep an eye on us… There is the temple to the East – it has been discovered about a month ago – most are afraid to venture there but we have seen Shamans entering the passageway that leads to it.”


Javok makes a grunt and squishes his nose uncomfortably.


OOC: On the map North is to the left and east is up???

“If my group is able to press on, I think we should go and free the miners and check out the temple. The less time we spend here the less likely we are to be found out. That temple could be very important to our efforts. We encountered a shaman on our way here and the kind of aberrant beasts it unleashed could be used against the Citadel and beyond if left unchecked. We have to see if this is where they are getting their powers…”

“Javok, do you think the giants’ quarters (8C) would be a safe place for you and Nyzan to rest while we attend to these other matters? I could put a magical lock on the door to help protect you. I do fear that anyone that comes to this area may get suspicious that the sound from the smithy has stopped and may investigate, but that’s all the more reason not to linger here much longer.”


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