Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Into the Mines

OOC: I made a mistake see that North actually goes to the left of the map.

Javok agreed with Duggin that the Smithy would be a good place to shore up. Bringing the rest of the prisoners back there, a noble looking Dragonborn named Soloman asked to join the group. He was apparently camping and was knocked unconscious and woke up in a cell here. The rest of the slaves were too scared or weak to fight so they locked themselves in the Smithy.

As they stepped out into the hall a bugbear guard stuck his ugly snout out of a passageway ahead and began to cry in alarm. The gong was heard and the mustering of guards was perceived across the dungeon. Sleepy bugbears were climbing out of their flea infested beds. Rubbing their peckers and grabbing their morningstars they charged the goblin who leapt into their midst. Stepping in front of Scroopel, The indomitable construct created a barrier that contained them in their chamber. The bugbears screamed and threw chairs at Shield in frustration and anger.

From the wide hall from the North a panting ghastly hill giant—hunchbacked, twisted, and with one good eye burst through the door. Cambering up and over him snarling, salivating, bare assed apes barred their teeth at the group. Running in front of their master, bugbears came in from around the jailer’s quarters to avoid the bottle neck Shield was creating, just in time for Duggin to cast a spell slowing their advance, then followed up by the Warlord with a magical arrow that appeared from some arcane power. Calling out as a true commander he rallied the group and orchestrated their attacks with brutal efficiency. The wizard created an illusion of magic mirrors that the bugbears bumped into each other like some kind of comic slap-stick bard performance. Infuriated the Keeper waddled through this quagmire the group created getting as far as the bugbears, so frustrated he cut one of the dazed bugbears in half trying the reach the group and clear a path for himself.

Vaulting over the bronze warder in the jailer’s room – Scroople was not impressed with the sneer the Bugbear Jailer glared at him with. Leaping over him he planted his dagger in his back- turning the sneer into an awful grimace.

The apes, keeper and bugbears failed to make any progress into the hall and the group once again unloaded on them – when the fireball hit them the smell of burning fur and flesh punctuated the fiery explosion.

Impressed with their new commander – the group saw what a benefit the dragonborn would be to their team. If he were to commanded every encounter like that one the felt they were ready to meet Nosenra head on. Duggin being the voice of reason – persuaded them to not let their conquest here go to their heads – he had seen giants in combat before and they needed to practice their fighting style, plus they had to free the rest of the prisoners and get them to safety. They decided to explore the mines and ensure all of the slaves were not in danger.



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