Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Into the Tomb

wherein the Scions come face to face with the past

The Scions of Saruun have defeated the ogres guarding the ancient Tomb of Kaldos and gained entry to the same. A dank and musty sepulchre, adorned with sarcophagi and carved stone is revealed upon the massive doors’ opening. As the party progresses into the tomb, an area of shining black frost is seen. Little thought is given to the innocuous looking phenomenon—until the frost seems to spread out and attack members of the party. As if on cue, the lids of all six sarcophagi slide open. Horned, skeletal minotaurs emerge from them and they rush to attack the heroes. A mummified minotaur, apparently a magus of some type, crawls out of one of the sacrophagi and begins hurling horrific spells. The fight goes well enough until the Scions start damaging the minotaur skeletons and shards of bone explode off the skeletons, catching the party in the midst of their devastations. Several members are knocked unconcious—barely alive at all—and the Mummified Minotaur Magus is defeated first.

After defeating the remaining foes, the Scions reach another small chamber adorned with sarcophagi, including a very regal coffin, standing in which is Barga Saruun, lieutenant of Kaldos, now an undead abomination, guarded by more mummified minotaurs. The Scions discover a trap in the form of ghostly tendrils which reach up from the floor to strike them, draining precious life energy and leaving them frozen in terror. One by one, most of the party succumbs to the trap as Barga and his minions attack. The mummies are reinforced by the spirits of Torogian minotaur warriors who prove to be resilient foes. The party goes on to defeat the forces arrayed against them, but, in his dying moments, Barga Saruun curses them to suffer a slow rotting that threatens to consume them.



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