Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Into the Tower of Saruun

The Scions made it past the challenges of the earth-mote and tower area and chose to explore the the next area, marked with symbols of flame. Upon entering the portal, they discover that this particular area is incredibly hot and that only 1 Bronze Warder managed to make the trip. They are greeted by a welcoming party consisting of Salamanders and Fire Snakes and they make short work of them.

Labyrinthine hallways were discovered past the doors exiting the Salamander courtyard. The party made it’s way through cramped pathways, carved from volcanic rock. At one point, jets of flame bathed the party in purifying fire as they scrambled to move out of the way. Finn Birchcutter eagle-eyes a control panel on the far end of the hallway and manages to disarm the trap before anyone is charred to a crisp.

Eventually, the Scions made it to what seemed as though it was a waiting area, which it was. Three apprentice mages in the midst of a mind-numbingly boring discussion were surprised when Finn walked in. The dimunitive halfling, wearing the stylized human face-mask of the Ordinator Arcanis, confused the three hedge wizards, resulting in a quick melee and the surviving two mages surrendering to the Scions.

Nearby the waiting area a door led to an enormous chamber where one wizard conferred with (presumably) one of the Mages of Saruun. Once again led by Finn, the cowards the party commenced to battle as the “wizard” was revealed to be a mighty red dragon. The other wizard was accompanied by one of the coveted (by Tangarth anyway…) Bronze Warders. Finn immediately jumped into action and scampered up the dragon’s tail climbing onto his back. There, the bravest member of the Scions repeatedly stabbed the beast in the back while struggling to remain steady, as the dragon took flight.

The Mage of Saruun and his warder were subjected to a vicious charge from Minoan—a charge that might’ve been lethal for the warped mage had it not been for the assistance of his bronze construct. Quickly, the Scions surrounded the mage while the dragon struggled to remove the crazed halfling from his back. After repeated attempts to grab him, the dragon was finally successful and, in a rage, threw the halfling down 40 feet into the vaporizing, liquid-hot magma.

Thar chose an unusual but reliable strategy to down the dragon: he used his longbow to rain arrows on the creature while the other members of the party got up close and personal.

Almost defeated, and not having lost control of his bronze warder, the mage’s bodyguard grabs one of Tangarth’s minions and drags him into the lava to clear a path to his teleport circle. The wizard cunningly escapes before the Scions dish out the inevitable. Soon, despite frustrating failures, Tangarth Saruun succeeded in attuning the warder to his amulet. Together with the warders and the party’s heroic efforts, the dragon was slain.



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