Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Nearer to the Source

The Men of Fallcrest continued on through the Underdark. Using the map drawn with the (presumably) drow letter, the odd party delved ever-closer to the former meeting spot of Paldemar and those who sought alliance with him. They entered a large cavern, filled with large, edible mushrooms. Myconids, fungi-based humanoids, appeared to be farming the mushrooms. One of the creatures spotted Morph and approached. The mage, currently in the guise of a drow, cast a few enchantments that both secured the myconid’s assitance and allowed him to communicate with the thing. They myconid warned Morph of “the masters.”

Thus, the party was not taken by surprise as a pair of dark elves began dropping magical globes of darkness in their midst. The rest of the myconids were alerted and ran to assist their masters. However, the myconid that Morph had ensorcelled was again utilized by the mage to rebel against their drow overlords. The plan worked and the myconids assisted the party in defeating the drow guards.

A short distance from the fungi cavern, the party entered another area and sprung an ambush on some foul-smelling Troglodytes. The melee was joined by hidden dark elf wizards who launched several unsuccessful attacks against the Men of Fallcrest. The party easily killed the brutish and repulsive lizards. With no sign of the drow wizards and no other visible opponents, the party began exploring scattered chambers and found them to be (mostly) dwellings.

Morph discovered a chamber apparently used as a makeshift tavern and proceeded to fill a glass with fine drow wine. The alarmed shrieks coming from the next chamber and belonging to Bundt interrupted the changeling’s relaxation period.

When the party ran to assist Bundt, they saw several drow, including the wizards from the Troglodyte melee bearing down on them. The combat was quick and brutal, with 2 drow fleeing the chamber.



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