Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Onto the Black Phoenix Pass

“We are saved! Master Duggin you return! When you left and closed the Black Phoenix Pass we thought we were doomed. You are good to your word good dwarf. Please come – Antark shall water the horse – we will provide rooms for the men at the Knothole. Welcome, welome – heroes one and all!”

The portly Lord Sevrym runs out to greet the knights.

Once a large town and the major trading hub for goods passing through the Ironwall Mountains west of the Nentir Vale, Timbervale has become a frontier village since the Glintshieid clan’s fall a century ago. With the loss of trade, there was little reason to travel to or live in Timbervale. Currently, a small community of loggers and farmers eke out an existence In the ruin-choked forest along the banks of the Stonefang River near the pass. Population: 750. Most people live along the old main street that bisects the village. The citizens keep it clear of the encroaching forest and in good repair by cannibalizing building materials from nearby ruins. A few locals have also made homes in various partially collapsed towers, or on more distant farms. Government: Lord and lady Sevrym are hereditary rulers of Timbervale. But their family’s fortune has dwindled to virtually nothing.

The village has no standing guard, but the people act as a militia in times of need. Great threats cause the villagers to retreat Into the three blocks walled off as the Sevrym estate.

The Sevryms have excess food and arms stored there, making it a good refuge.
Lord and Lady Sevrym invite the heroes to stay with them-and they put the knights up at the Knothole.

blackppass.jpgAlthough a bit reluctant Lord Sevrym agrees to abandon the town and as the adventurers head towards the Black Phoenix Pass the town boards up the Inn and Manor house, taking what they can they head off to the better protection of the Keep at Winterhaven. Avowing to return soon with the defeat of the giants the party heads off.



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