Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Raid on Fallcrest

So this bizarre band of heroes consisting of an irresponsible Halfling rogue, a reluctant Paladin of Kord, an eladrin lush seeking revenge, an orphaned half-elf druid raised by bears and a minotaur sorcerer from the Underdark rose up to defend Fallcrest against a vast raid from minions of Demogorgon. They were able to thwart an assault upon the Grand Septarch’s Tower in which a twisted Underdark apprentice of Saruun in control of a Bronze Warder attempted to stop Nimozaran and his Halfling apprentice from completing a ritual on the teleportation circle at the pinnacle of the tower.
The town was lucky to have wanderers such as these to jump to her aid in such a dire moment… or was it fate? Certainly Kord and Corellon were cognizant to such bravado and valor! What were the gods playing at? Why did Demogorgon’s gaze fall upon Fallcrest? What lays in the depths of Thunderstone Mountain plotting against the Nentir Vale?



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