Mysteries of the Nentir Vale


7-1-2014_9-45-51_AM.jpg Dungeon masonry gives way to rough-hewn walls streaked with veins of pale green crystal. Mining sounds come from deeper inside the caverns.

A jagged mound of rocks suddenly attacks the group. Forming long tentacles and a maw filled with razor sharp teeth a Roper savagely attacks the group thinking they are an easy meal.

From the other passageways heavy footfalls are heard as Stone giant overseers come to investigate the melee. A warrior from Fallcrest, Ves joins the fray, as Javok, looking for able warriors to assist the team finds his equipment and frees him. The stone giant overseers are using dwarf slaves to mine for ore. They have split the miners into two groups; Orcs and Dwarves. Dwarf slaves and orc ruffians are scattered throughout these caverns. All dwarf slaves wear shackles on their ankles.

Veins of green crystal run through the walls of this cavern, which is bisected by a glittering stream of water that flows toward the north. The stream that bisects this cavern flows toward the north. Two sinkholes, one on each side of the stream, serve as lairs umber hulks.
At the bottom of the southernmost sinkhole is a brass scroll tube containing a ritual scroll (Drawmij’s Instant Summons).

This tunnel collapsed long ago, before the hill giants built their steading above the dungeon. The sound of moving water can be heard to the north and east

The underground stream pours into a cistern through a 5-foot-wide crack in the southeast wall and disappears through smaller, impassable fissures to the southwest. A shallow pool of cold water forms in the middle of the room. It appears the hill giants draw their drinking water from this source.6-20-2014_10-23-41_AM.jpg


The smell – what is it? Garrthupt! Gold – Scroople began to itch behind his neck nervously. Bah, they could deal with this Roper, he casually left the group, sneaking away, unnoticed – Gold, riches, and treasure – this way. It called to him, moving silently past the Orc and dwarf miners was simple; the Stone giants were too big to notice him. Yes- past the steam here- in the cistern, No – further on down this passageway – there- past this portcullis. Saying a prayer to Sehanine he kept to the shadows, they surrounded and protected him like a warm blanket. Adventure- YES- Treasure! Could this be what he sought? Frasnick! The excitement rose and his eyes bulged with the sweet thought of it.

Beyond a raised wooden portcullis is a spacious 20-foothigh room supported by four pillars. The walls and pillars bristle with iron spears to a height of 15 feet. You see two other passages leading from the room, with similar portcullises hanging above them. Scroople notices fresh and old bloodstains on the floor and on the heads of the spears. There it there… Something guards it of course! Can’t slip past these bars, too dangerous, must get the others to help.

Cheerfully the little goblin skips back to the group with dreams of the riches he will soon have!


OOC: We are at 11A right now?


OOC: Correct and Scroople is at 11b


Being pulled from his revelry the little goblin hears sounds of giant footfalls coming up the stairs from the cistern. Once again taking to the shadows he spies a stone giant retreating towards him. Blood stains his chest and he has a puncture wound on his leg. He is limping and looks behind him nervously.


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