Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

The Labyrinth of Kaldos

the Scions face yet more tests before confronting Kaldos, himself

The Scions of Saruun emerge from their explorations of the recently-revealed Tomb of Kaldos, for the purpose of a recuperative rest. They find many of their companions and followers have set up camp in the midst of the ogre-built huts and minotaur ruins. After settling into camp, the party makes plans for another foray into the tomb, the next day.

The next morning, the crew awakens and prepares to re-enter the tomb. One of the Scions newest followers is a half-orc named Thar, who’d been freed from captivity through the actions of the Scions—back at the duergar slaver caravan. Although Minoan doesn’t approve, Thar is welcomed into the party—which promises to make use of the half-orcs woodsmen and mountaineering skills.

The Scions, most of whom have slept fitfully at best, then discover they are ill from the curse of Barga. Minoan and the others refuse to press on this day, electing rather to take an additional day for rent and recuperation.

After a long delay, the Scions re-enter the Tomb of Kaldos to discover a large room beset with columns rising up through some mysterious and sinister mist. The Scions manage to make progress along the columns; some jumping to their tops and affixing rope as a more efficient method of crossing the gulfs of void between the pillars.

Just as the heroes begin to feel complacent, ghostly bat-like creatures appear, flying through the air to attack! A complex melee erupts as more and more of these “ghost-bats” appear. Eventually, all of the party has either been knocked off the top of the columns are fell to their doom, due to a misfortunate jump.

The Scions discover themselves isolated and awakening from some unknown torpor—and right into the hands of ghostly minotaur torturers who use various and evil devices to demoralize and inflict pain on the hapless crew. Each individual escapes their own torture chamber to find a labyrinth which provides egress from this lower level.

Next, the Scions come to another large room. There, they finally confront Kaldos the Sadistic and his undead guardians. Massive blows are struck by Minoan and arcane energy pours from the fingers of Tangarth Saruun, brutalizing the assemblage of evil. Kaldos is knocked prone by the charge of Minoan—landing a huge charge attack that sends the mummy into the hot coals of an open brazier. The flames envelope the ancient undead. Another of Keldos’s allies, an undead magus continually teleports party member’s into the waiting torture devices along the wall. Again, ghostly minotaur spirits operate the torture equipment. With Kaldos momentarily rendered ineffective, the magus is quickly cut down by charge attacks—once again from Minoan and, this time, the half-orc ranger, Thar. With the threat of the magus eliminated, the Scions return their full attention to Kaldos, who is finally slain,



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