Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

The Road of Shadows

wherein the Scions of Saruun Khel are formally incorporated...

The Scions of Saruun Khel awoke after a night of troubled, nightmare-ridden sleep. Belwar Jokulhaups, the Svirfneblin knight exhorted and agitated his companions to get moving. The duergar of the Grimmerzhul clan were in disarray, allowing for an easy escape from their mines by the Scions.

After this, it was back to the Road of Shadows, which would carry the party back to the Seven Pillared Hall and their newly liberated stronghold, the former Tower of Mystery (which still awaits a new designation). After many hours of travel through the darkness, the adventurers made it to a large bridge that crossed a slender lava flow. Immediately, Onyx Soulcave spotted some scaly troglodytes and battle was joined. Troglodytes

As the battle was joined by the rest of the party, more threats emerged from the darkness—drow elves, accompanied by a loathsome Drider.Drider A low-ranking House Xarzax priestess spoke from the darkness, demanding that the Scions hand over their newly won deep copper. Some of them had expected this in dealing with drow elves. They had performed their job, and now the dark elves no longer needed them.

The drider jumped down from a nearby pillar parapet and waded into the warriors with a greatsword, as more trogs and drow raiders buttressed the enemy’s ranks. The priestess herself joined the skirmish. In seconds, Onyx was bleeding profusely and intoxicated with drow sleep poison, slowing his actions. Still, his stone hammer smashed everything in it’s path. Wil fared better in this combat then the previous day’s, and he was able to push the Scions combat prowess to the next level with tactically sound advice and wisened words of encouragement.

Minoan entered into single combat with the drow priestess and received many lashes from the dark bitch’s tentacle rod. Not much later, poisoned crossbow bolts jutted out from sensitive areas, making the usually lively minotaur sluggish and slow.

Benn Slouthestryder and his ever-present bear provided protection to the party as well as tearing into the troglodyte grunts that were plaguing them.

Although the fighting was arduous, eventually the Scions were victorious when Tangarth Saruun swept the priestess off the side of the bridge (as had just been done to Minoan by the priestess herself). The eldritch minotaur leapt from the bridge, landing on the priestess, making sure she could not beat a hasty escape. Minoan and Tangarth eventually slew the demonic bitch and plundered her corpse for valuables.

The party decided to rest for a spell and continue on. Soon enough, Benn’s keen druidic eye spotted a weak area of stone in the passage, and he led the party into a watery corridor with a wooden threshold at the end. As the Scions got closer to the threshold, odd script adorned a plaque above the doorway. Minoan was the first to jump through the threshold—and he suffered for it. Lightning flashed all around the heroes, wounding most of them. They correctly deduced that a Glyph of Warding trap was present, but the language was illegible to everyone. Except Belwar who, belatedly, announced he was fluent in the script, that of the Giants.

A riddle was posed by the plaque and the group put their meager brains together resulting in a solution. The passageway eventually ended in a small room (perhaps a former guard post or tax station) containing a long-dead minotaur skeleton and a rotting table atop which there lay 2 books. One, was the Rise and Fall of the Turathi written by a noblewoman of the ancient tiefling empire and the other was an unnamed chronicle of events that transpired in Saruun Khel, after the majority of the minotaurs there killed themselves off.



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