• Belwar Jokulhaups

    Belwar Jokulhaups

    companion character
  • Bundt


    an honorable Kobold warrior outcast
  • Faren Markelhay

    Faren Markelhay

    The Lord Warden of Fallcrest
  • Griggen Greyhelm

    Griggen Greyhelm

    Short and stout, shaved bald with a full, but close cropped beard. Looks as though he could be Human, Dwarven or Halfling.
  • Jeffrey Aderis

    Jeffrey Aderis

    Tall, gaunt. Age indeterminate - possibly 40s. Oily, raven-black hair. Smells of rose petals and lavender. Dresses in black robes with silver edging.
  • Minoan


    Minoan is a massive minotaur with rippling muscles and giant cloven feet. He has raised scar tattoos of circular labyrinths on his arms and chest. He holds a Greatspear that radiates with power. His horns are clad in shiny metal that glint in the light
  • Miraal of House Xarzax

    Miraal of House Xarzax

    a drow priestess of Lolth who commands forces at the drow outpost in the Shallows.
  • Morph


    Morph is a wizard changeling Currently taking the form of a drow named Morgath working for the Mages of Saruun
  • Onyx Soulcave

    Onyx Soulcave

    a tall, but hunched barbarian warrior from the mysterious Diamondheart Mountains
  • Shorwyn Tel’Dryear

    Shorwyn Tel’Dryear

    Pale half-elf garbed in black scale mail armor holding a glowing rod in one hand and in the other a wicked looking blade that is wreathed in a cold azure haze
  • Soloman


    Dragonborn Warlord of Dythan’s legion
  • Soveliss


    eladrin warlord and raconteur
  • Tangarth Saruun

    Tangarth Saruun

    Minotaur Sorcerer
  • Thar


    Thar is a half-orc of about 6 feet in height, and relatively slight structure.