Onyx Soulcave

a tall, but hunched barbarian warrior from the mysterious Diamondheart Mountains


Onyx does not look like your typical barbarian. He is tall and rather lanky, and always hunched over, making him look several inches shorter than he really is. His silky black hair covers his entire face and down the back of his neck. He wears a hide vest and some work pants for his legs, with a wolf mantle on his back to keep warm. Around his neck is the source of his powers, an ancient ruby passed down in his family that gives him the strength to tunnel through hard granite and bedrock. He is dragging a giant mallet behind him, the shaft made of wood and the head made of some sort of grayish stone.

(Here’s my character sheet too!
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Onyx Soulcave is the son of Chieftan Soulcave of the Diamondheart Mountains. The tribe is a mining tribe, each member adept at digging deep into the Diamondheart Mts for its rich ore and gems while being able to fend off against the fauna as well as the occasional trolls. However, a dark curse has befallen the mountains and the mines are too dangerous to excavate due to a dangerous miasma. Chieftan Soulcave has requested that Onyx travel the lands to find either a way to rid the curse, or find a new home.

Onyx Soulcave

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