Dragonborn Warlord of Dythan’s legion


Soloman is a member of the Dythan’s legion. He has recently joined the company and is currently scouting the area on command of his superiors. Legatus Dythan is the banner leader of some 500 dragon born – they command drakes and behemoths to great effect in battle.

Arkhosian ruins are always being sought after in the area of Nentir Vale by this legion. Soloman’s mission is to locate and report any areas of interest for exploration. Legatus Dythan is determined to find lost relics of the Arkosian Empire (centered in the lands south of the Nentir Vale). They ultimately wish to restore the great empire of Arkhosia.

“The heart of Arkhosia beats once again.”
-Legatus Dythan

Being new to the legion, Soloman wishes to prove himself to Dythan. He has been looking for three months and was recently captured while foolishly camping too close to a road. He awoke to a bag being placed over his head while large creatures placed chains around his hands and feet. What seems like many months, Soloman has been kept chained up and forced to mine. Always wonder where he could be, there are no clues or signs that he is in any familiar territory. The hope of being rescued by Dythan’s Legion is fading rapidly.
Usually being a very lucky creature, Soloman curses his foolishness daily. Forcing himself to work his body to the point of exhaustion. This has resulted in a very strong Dragonborn. After all, he is looking for any relics of the Arkhosian past.

Perhaps his luck has finally turned around…the slaves are murmuring of adventurers that have been slaying masters. They say something about a very powerful group – consisting of a dwarf, goblin, construct, and human. If only he could get to his Longbow and arrows…


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