Puzzle Box

A glossy, black onyx box covered with carvings of symbols and geometric shapes.


Lemarchand  s puzzle  box by yatesmon d36jpin
An ornately decorated, polished black onyx box to which there seems to be no lid. The box is covered with interlocking bas relief geometric patterns and symbols. Some of these can be slid, rotated, raised, or depressed.

The box itself is not magical, but a subtle aura of magic emanates from within.

It is known by some members of the party that boxes like this are often used to safeguard heirlooms and religious artifacts with great sentimental or ceremonial value.


The box was being transported in a larger crate, guarded by a pair of guards who were obviously seasoned combat veterans but belonged to no group anyone could recognize.

The ferry was attacked by elves belonging to Harken’s Heart, the apparent target being the crate or those who guarded it. The guards were ultimately swept under the churning river waters, never to be seen again. While the crate was salvaged by a curious and greedy little goblin named Scroopel, who clung to it like life itself. He managed to hoist the crate aboard what remained of the raft and pry it open. Since then, he has coveted his treasure, sleeping curled around it at night.

Puzzle Box

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