Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

New Threats

There has been a great upheaval in the Nentir Vale come of late. There has been a rustling in the surrounding mountains. The dwarven tribes are restless. Vital trade routes into the Stonefang pass newly named the Black Phoenix pass have been reestablished. But this has caused a backlash; as the dwarves in Hammerfast have had exclusivity in trading ironwork in the Nentir Vale and now have new competition from the West.

Peels of lightning and thunder have been heard down in the valley below the infamous Thunderspire Mountain. Rumor has it that a great battle is imminent deep below in the ancient labyrinth of Saruul Khan and the Mages of Suruun that have run the Seven Pillar Hall with an iron fist are now caught in the middle. Black Fang Gnolls of the Moon hills have taken up the sword and tales of attacks on the Trade Road have become more and more common place.

It has been told that a minotaur ambassador has been sent to Fallcrest on behalf of the Mages of Saruun. But death follows on his heals as the town is thrown into a pitched battle with pirates, raging barbarians and blood lusting demons.

What has happened to the Illustrious Black Phoenix whose exploits include opening up the Stonefang pass and driving back gnoll raiding parties on the Trade Roads? A new set of unlikely adventurers rise from a Lowtown bar in Fallcrest – do they have what it takes to persevere? Fallcrest’s survival lays in their hands, will they be able to save the Nentir Vale from these new threats?

A thick fog

The year is 1482DR the year of the ageless one in the era of upheaval. It is the start of the month Readying in Fallcrest in which the fields are finally fully thawed and the farmers are beginning to plow and seed. Porters are finishing up for the night and the night watch are lighting the few oil street lamps on the Five Arch Bridge and main thoroughfares. There is no moon and a thick fog descends upon the town and settles thickly in Lowtown. Halfling workers and farmers converge to the relative comfort of the Lucky Gnome Taphouse inside they find a bizarre collection of adventurers.


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