Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Into the Mines

OOC: I made a mistake see that North actually goes to the left of the map.

Javok agreed with Duggin that the Smithy would be a good place to shore up. Bringing the rest of the prisoners back there, a noble looking Dragonborn named Soloman asked to join the group. He was apparently camping and was knocked unconscious and woke up in a cell here. The rest of the slaves were too scared or weak to fight so they locked themselves in the Smithy.

As they stepped out into the hall a bugbear guard stuck his ugly snout out of a passageway ahead and began to cry in alarm. The gong was heard and the mustering of guards was perceived across the dungeon. Sleepy bugbears were climbing out of their flea infested beds. Rubbing their peckers and grabbing their morningstars they charged the goblin who leapt into their midst. Stepping in front of Scroopel, The indomitable construct created a barrier that contained them in their chamber. The bugbears screamed and threw chairs at Shield in frustration and anger.

From the wide hall from the North a panting ghastly hill giant—hunchbacked, twisted, and with one good eye burst through the door. Cambering up and over him snarling, salivating, bare assed apes barred their teeth at the group. Running in front of their master, bugbears came in from around the jailer’s quarters to avoid the bottle neck Shield was creating, just in time for Duggin to cast a spell slowing their advance, then followed up by the Warlord with a magical arrow that appeared from some arcane power. Calling out as a true commander he rallied the group and orchestrated their attacks with brutal efficiency. The wizard created an illusion of magic mirrors that the bugbears bumped into each other like some kind of comic slap-stick bard performance. Infuriated the Keeper waddled through this quagmire the group created getting as far as the bugbears, so frustrated he cut one of the dazed bugbears in half trying the reach the group and clear a path for himself.

Vaulting over the bronze warder in the jailer’s room – Scroople was not impressed with the sneer the Bugbear Jailer glared at him with. Leaping over him he planted his dagger in his back- turning the sneer into an awful grimace.

The apes, keeper and bugbears failed to make any progress into the hall and the group once again unloaded on them – when the fireball hit them the smell of burning fur and flesh punctuated the fiery explosion.

Impressed with their new commander – the group saw what a benefit the dragonborn would be to their team. If he were to commanded every encounter like that one the felt they were ready to meet Nosenra head on. Duggin being the voice of reason – persuaded them to not let their conquest here go to their heads – he had seen giants in combat before and they needed to practice their fighting style, plus they had to free the rest of the prisoners and get them to safety. They decided to explore the mines and ensure all of the slaves were not in danger.

Fire Giant Smithy and Torture Chamber


map2.jpgAfter dealing with the bugbears manning the gongs they find that a few smoky torches burn along the walls. Benches and tables are pushed out of the way, revealing a black stone floor worn by the tread of countless feet. Quietly and quickly moving down the southern passage they found a row of prisons. Dwarves made plaintiff whining for the adventurers to release them as they passed by. They told them of the dungeon, about the bugbear guards, the giants, apes, the torture room to the east they could hear the screams of the newest victims and the clang of the fire giant Smolderheart in the room beyond making weapons of war for the giant steading. The group assured their release when all was safe for them, but until them to stop causing a ruckus and let the party do their job.

This part of the dungeon is particularly noisy. Sounds of metal striking metal issue from the smithy (area 8A), but the noise is muffled by horrid screams emanating from the torture chamber (8b).

Enticed by the noises beyond Duggin, Scrooples, Shield and Nemozaran opened the door to the torture chamber.

This area contains an iron maiden, a wooden rack, iron boots, thumbscrews, chains, whips, branding irons, and strappados. Two hill giants wearing black hoods torture a half-orc strapped to the rack. One of them tightens the
winch while the other lashes the half-orc with a scourge. Mounted above a pit of hot coals in the center of the room is
a heavy iron spit to which a gagged dwarf has been tied.

The surprised giants were dazed by the magic of the dwarf and old wizard while shield ensured they could not escape and the little goblin clambered up their backs and slit their throats while they attempted to flee and cry for help. Their cries erupted in a gurgle of blood as the short sword giant slayer lived up to its name and the little goblin giggled in delight.

Releasing the half-orc they discovered he was from the Severed Eye orc tribe and was being tortured because he was attempting to lead the orcs in revolt. Javok is a scout who was captured by the giants while on a reconnaissance mission. He recently tried to lead the orc slaves in a revolt against his captors, but the uprising was put down quickly. He is in rough shape as the rack has pulled his arms and legs out of their sockets.

Releasing the dwarf from the spit he tells you he is Nyzan Silvervein. He describes the temple to the East that has depictions of priests in robes with tentacles in the place where arms might be.

Taking a quick break they investigated the Torturers’ Quarters and found a pair of giant-sized beds covered with musty furs and two large, unlocked wooden chests. The chests contained an assortment of bones, trick cards and moldy bread. In addition, one chest contained a sack of 500 gp, and the other contained a potion of vitality. Leaving the dwarf and orc in the beds of the giants to rest they promised to return and heal them.

Entering the Smithy they see: Giant-sized weapons and armor lie scattered along the walls of this hot and smoky room. A large iron stove serves as a forge, and in front of it stands a giant with flaming-orange hair and charcoal-colored skin. He wears a chainmail apron, has tight green pants, and he holds a white-hot axe blade steady atop an anvil using a pair of iron tongs. Then, he strikes the blade with his fiery hammer. Shackled dwarves and several orc slaves, all covered with soot, are helping the giant by pumping the bellows and assembling armor. As he sees the party enter the room he bellows out a command to kill them and with a mighty strike of his flaming hammer he releases a giant elemental that appeared to be bound to the stove.ce__fire_giant_blacksmith_by_orogion-d6yqkiw.jpg

Acting quickly Duggin called out to his gods Moradin and Torog and quickly rebound the elemental. The wizard incapacitated the horde of orcs that tried to stop their advance by turning their blood to stone. Going to work the goblin let fly a magical stone, from his sling that teleported Shield right in front of the Fire giant. Smashing down in huge fiery streaks the giant’s hammer bounced off the seemingly indestructible construct. The rest of the team assembled around the frustrated giant and brought him to his knees while the dwarven slaves rejoiced at their salvation!

Piled against the walls of the room are some of Smolderheart’s creations, including giantsized weapons (nineteen longspears, forty-one spears, sixteen battleaxes, and nine two-handed swords) and various pieces of giant-sized armor. Smiling triumphantly Duggin grabbed the fire giant’s +3 flaming Warhammer.

Penetrating the Steading

Nimozaran appeared before the shocked Thrane and the group. Unfortunately it was exactly in the same spot as Tangarth and he was telefraged and shunted into the wall. Since no one really cared about him anyway they quickly forgot about him and carried on. The old geezer happened to have the correct ritual to revive the bitchy little goblin, to the rest of the group’s umbrage.

The group decided that a small raiding party was the only way to get to the hill giant steading and figure out what was going on there. It was about ten miles away through the giant encampments of lean-tos, tents and caves. For the first part the adventures attempted to cut through the forest in the hills that traveled near the road. Wandering around for at least an hour the group found itself traveling in a circle and decided to risk the road. As soon as they set foot on the giant beaten path a loud group of hill giants crossing a bridge saw them. Thinking quick Sir Mike, the only one who spoke giant, grunted out a lie. Not the brightest group of meatheads the giants continued down the road, unconcerned of the motley group of small humanoids. Believing they were emissaries for the Mages of Saruun. Sneaking around a couple more patrols and encampments they finally came to their destination.
A massive timber stronghold hides among the hills. The well-worn trail that you’ve been following ends before a pair of 15-foot-high doors made of ironbound logs. Thicker logs comprise the walls of the stronghold. The wooden roof inclines toward the middle, reaching a height of 30 feet at its peak. The stronghold has no windows, but a squat watchtower overlooks the entrance. Smoke rises from numerous stone chimneys. A log guardhouse stands apart from the main stronghold, but connected by a palisade wall of vertical logs 15 feet high. Heavy log doors set into the palisade lead to a courtyard lodged between the two buildings.

The outer walls of the timber stronghold are fashioned from 5-foot-diameter logs laid horizontally. Inner walls use 3-foot-diameter vertical logs, and doors are ironbound log affairs 15 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 1 foot thick. The dirt floors are covered with stone tiles. Ceiling height varies from about 16 feet at the outer walls to 30 feet at the center. Blackened rafters support the roof. Rain falls often in the hills, and mist settles over the steading at night.


Deciding that is was too risky to try to enter through the main gate the team scrambled up the side of the steading. The moldy roof had a number of huge chimneys, and finding one without smoke billowing from it they tied a rope to the construct Shield and sent him down. Finding an empty dining room he signaled for the rest of the group to repel down.

This dining hall contains a massive oak table surrounded by eight giant-sized chairs. The chairs at the end of the table are draped with furs and look more impressive than the others. Mugs, plates, and candelabra litter the tabletop. Animal furs, racks of antlers, and mounted heads adorn the walls. A copper dragon’s head is mounted above the fireplace.

Most of the furnishings in the steading are sized for 12-foot-tall hill giants. Tables, benches, door handles, and other room fixtures are typically twice as high, long, and wide as their human-sized equivalents and roughly eight times the weight.

Listening at the massive eastern door they heard the clanking of pots and pans and discerned that this must be abutting the kitchen.

Smoke fills this odorous kitchen, which features two large trestle tables covered with pots, kettles and bowls. Counters along the walls are likewise cluttered with wooden utensils, jugs, mugs, and plates. Barrels are piled near the tables, and various cheeses, smoked meats, and sausages hang from the blackened rafters. Simmering in the hearths are two fat iron cauldrons overflowing with hot broth. In front of the hearths stand a pair of hill giants wearing stained leather aprons, screaming instructions at a host of orc slaves and their ogre taskmasters.


Using the confusion of the preparations for dinner the group snuck across the kitchen relatively unnoticed.
Entering a wide corridor they heard loud snoring from one room, a wild giant celebration in the next and then a few conspiratory whispers coming from the end of the hall. They are discussing the recent raid and laughing at the stupidity of the hill giants and ogres. Busting the door open they see the walls of this spacious room are adorned with racks of antlers, cured animal furs and skins, and the heads of various beasts, monsters, dwarves, elves, and humans. Three long, giant-sized beds heaped with furs are pushed into the corners of the room, and sitting on two of them are a pair of chortling stone giants. A large wooden chest is pushed against the east wall between them. A blazing fire crackles in the hearth across from the door.

As the battle ensues one of the stone giants pulls a rope hanging in the corner of the room and a bell is heard down the corridor. Grunts of complaint are heard across the hall as the ogres come from an alcohol induced slumber.

Amazed that the melee did not alert the rest of the steading they take a short rest while Scrooples opened the chest. The chest contains ten 500 gp gems, 700 gp, and a stone tablet engraved in Dwarven. It contains a message is written to Laerthar from Belastraya, sister of the stone giant thane. It translates as follows.

Laerthar, my love, Go to the hill giants. Help Nosnra plan his raids. Make sure he does not lose sight of our greater goal. Do this for your thane. Do this for me. Belastraya

Confirming their suspicions that there is something larger looming behind these giant raids they investigate the ogres sleep chambers and find a stairs leading under the complex.

Smoky, sputtering torches illuminate a spacious square room. Four thick pillars support the 30-foot-high ceiling. Benches and tables have been pushed against the walls, leaving most of the area clear. Brass gongs hang from wooden frames in the southwest and southeast corners, and a bugbear stands in front of each of them. Ironbound wooden doors and gaping hallways lead to other areas of the dungeon, and from somewhere in the darkness, you hear plaintive sobbing. Quietly assassinating the bugbears they asses the secret dungeon they have found. The masonry work down here is quite good, certainly superior to orc or giant work. Characters note that most of the stonework is old, patched in places with new mortar or shored up with newly hewn stone.6-9-2014_11-44-01_AM.jpg

Scrooples the Gargoyle

In the gloom ahead, you see a massive stone slab blocking the way. The obviously thick and heavy slab looks impossible to move, but a broad set of stairs climb up to a pair of massive double doors. On the stairs sits an ill looking band of dwarven clansmen bearing tattoos similar to the ones adorning Duggin. And the adventurers are greeted by Duggin’s Clan-mates who seem to exhale a sigh of relief when they see you and the small troop of knights from Fallcrest.

Gwendar is the elderly leader of the Shadowed Chain cult is proud and autocratic in nature,

Serka is the devoted apprentice of Gwendar. She sees Gwendar as a father figure and maintains an aggressive and overprotective attitude toward him. She knows much but says very little beyond grunts of disapproval and growls of anger.

Rigdin is a young recruit to the cult. He says little, but his silence is merely a thin veneer of calm. Inwardly he vacillates between panic and despair.

The dwarves assure Duggin that Stonefang is still bound and seems pleased with the arrangements Duggin has made with the minotaurs and Humans of the Vale. As they talk they acend the stair. The gatehouse lies beyond the set of double doors that the clan opens graciously for the group. There is a thick lever is set into the wall beside the stairs. Next to it, a one foot-wide square channel in the wall runs straight up into the ceiling. At the base of the channel, a large circular impression contains a round nub of iron that is flush with the wall.

A hulking form dominates this chamber. It looks like a male dwarf the size of an ogre but made out of dusty, rusting steel. Beneath the dust. you spy Davek runes etched into the construct’s metal skin. Duggin incants an arcane phrase of some sort and the Construct moves at his command.


The dwarves wave and wish the party luck as the construct once again closes the gate behind them. As they continue down the Black Phoenix Pass an expansive courtyard lies before them. A tall waterfall to their right creates a stream that bisects the courtyard and An old stone bridge crosses the stream. Across the stream, a tower looms high above, looking like it was hewn from the Mountain. citadel.jpg

Small fires light the citadel and screams of death reach the groups ears. A couple of strange dwarven statues adorn the road which cause you some alarm. Then as you begin to cross the bridge you see bizarre greyish creatures with no eye sockets attempting to gain entry to the tower.

basalisk.jpgTwo strange drakes move between the shadows, predatory creature who’s gaze turns a dwarven defender to stone; the weight of the new statue cracks the railing he was leaning against, and it falls and smashes to the ground, becoming a mound of small rock fragments.

grimlock.jpgSensing fresh meat the grimlocks licked the dwarven blood off their battle axes and turned to meet the group. Scrooples gracefully raced over the railing of the bridge –unimpeded and pushed the biggest brute off the bridge towards the waterfall. Shield naively charged the Basalisk and sensed a strange feeling in his legs as they began to harden and solidify. Duggin sensed the danger to his newfound friends and somehow managed to get one of the basalisks pushed off the bridge as well. The melee was going well till the stone gaze beast crawled from the river and turned its gaze upon poor little Scroople who’s little body solidified and began a statue. Sir Mike, Shield and Duggin bravely charged the beast and unmercifully slayed the monster in anger.

Pair-Gargoyles-Goblins-Mythical-Garden-Statue-Ornament-3-1.jpgPoking at the little statue, Shield tapped on its head, wondering about the little goblin. Is this what it felt like to lose a friend? Shield felt strangely uncomfortable – at first he found the little creature to be annoying, now that he was gone he kinda missed him. He did make a cute little gargoyle though…

Elemental Rift!

A huge tunnel bores into mighty Stonefang Mountain; The crumbled dwarven ruins near the entrance can’t hide the fact that this marvel must have been built by giant hands. In fact, two enormous statues of wild-haired giants flank the entrance, carved in place as if holding up the weight of the mountain.

Most of the tunnel through the Black Phoenix Pass is 40 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Geometric shapes and faux pillars decorate the walls for most of its length, with occasional areas decorated by huge bas-relief carvings of giants. In the places with the giant carvings, the dwarves made their own smaller bas-relief carvings. Although respectful of the giant’s artistry in the way they are arranged, the dwarven carvings refute the grand images of the giants by showing dwarves slaying giants and freeing themselves from slavery. Various sized cracks split the carved tunnel walls in places, and cold, drinkable water from the mountain above sometimes trickles down the cracks, streaming across the floor and pooling in low points or escaping through cracks in the floor. In many places, the ceiling is riddled with half-inch long stalactites that have begun to form among the limestone.

A deep rumble fills the tunnel, and suddenly the ground shakes. A wide crevasse opens behind the group, separating them from the knights with an ear splitting crack, followed by a smaller opening in the ceiling.
Duggin noticed a large hole in the ceiling – it was a rift of some sort – pulsating with elemental energy.

Up from the cracks and through the rift came a hill giant shaman and magma beasts. hillg1.jpg

In a deep gravelly voice the Shaman taunted Duggin: “Duggin – you are too late for our task here has been completed. Stonefang sends his regards.”

Magma beasts are elemental beings that originate in the Elemental Chaos. Many now live in the natural world, having crossed over into volcanic regions of the surface and the Underdark.magma1.jpg

As shield, Sir Mike and Scrooples fought off the magma beasts Duggin countered the ritual the Hill Giant started and closed the rift as waves of energy from the elemental chaos washed over his companions.magma2.jpg

Onto the Black Phoenix Pass

“We are saved! Master Duggin you return! When you left and closed the Black Phoenix Pass we thought we were doomed. You are good to your word good dwarf. Please come – Antark shall water the horse – we will provide rooms for the men at the Knothole. Welcome, welome – heroes one and all!”

The portly Lord Sevrym runs out to greet the knights.

Once a large town and the major trading hub for goods passing through the Ironwall Mountains west of the Nentir Vale, Timbervale has become a frontier village since the Glintshieid clan’s fall a century ago. With the loss of trade, there was little reason to travel to or live in Timbervale. Currently, a small community of loggers and farmers eke out an existence In the ruin-choked forest along the banks of the Stonefang River near the pass. Population: 750. Most people live along the old main street that bisects the village. The citizens keep it clear of the encroaching forest and in good repair by cannibalizing building materials from nearby ruins. A few locals have also made homes in various partially collapsed towers, or on more distant farms. Government: Lord and lady Sevrym are hereditary rulers of Timbervale. But their family’s fortune has dwindled to virtually nothing.

The village has no standing guard, but the people act as a militia in times of need. Great threats cause the villagers to retreat Into the three blocks walled off as the Sevrym estate.

The Sevryms have excess food and arms stored there, making it a good refuge.
Lord and Lady Sevrym invite the heroes to stay with them-and they put the knights up at the Knothole.

blackppass.jpgAlthough a bit reluctant Lord Sevrym agrees to abandon the town and as the adventurers head towards the Black Phoenix Pass the town boards up the Inn and Manor house, taking what they can they head off to the better protection of the Keep at Winterhaven. Avowing to return soon with the defeat of the giants the party heads off.

Journey from Thunderspire

The minotaur Lord Tangarth of the Seven Pillared Hall, accompanied by Shield, his newly animated Minotaur bronze warder met with Master Duggin of the Glintshield clan and Scroopel, the goblin hero of Harkenwald in the cozy little halfling tavern. Having made their plans, they head down the Road of Lanterns on towards Fallcrest. Midway down the long corridor, illuminated dimly from copper lanterns with leering demon statues surveying their passage, they were ambushed by screeching bats, magic missiles and Maglorous – a bitter Mage of Saruun who sought vengeance from the minotaurs stealing his abode. He announced he was now seeking residence in the Well of Demons and had found new friends with Demogorgon. Black shadowy tentacles rose from his robes as he commanded his minions to attack. With the protection of Shield and the healing powers of the cleric Duggin they were able to drive the mages back into the labyrinth but they dared not follow as they had expended most of their energy staying alive. Going at a slow pace the last quarter mile to the Minotaur’s Gate, they were met with the thunder and lightning that is ever-present around Thunderspire Mountain. As the lightning illuminated the clouds, they spied vile, aberrant creatures lurking there. Cephilopoid, bat-winged flying horrors stretched out their tentacles to feed on them. Their horrid telepathic calls urged the group forward as a demonic cloaker attacked them from the rear. Duggin called out to the Lord who Crawls and chains whipped out from another dimension, binding the huge Mooncow Sire. Scroopel danced between their enormous grasp and cut bits of tentacles as he raced between them. The cloaker wrapped the dwarf up in a tight little package and when they finally freed him, he was quite blue from lack of air. The creature fled back to the far realm as this meat had too many barbs for their taste.

Fortunately the rest of the trip to Fallcrest was not as exciting for the group. Reaching the gates at night, a sleepy Captain of the Watch Toby directed them to the nearest Inn and told them he would prepare a meeting with the Lord Warden Faren Malkelhay in the morning.

Call to arms!

Two bronze warders flank a massive minotaur, raised scar tattoos of circular labyrinths on his arms and chest. His horns are clad in shiny metal that glints in the dim light. He is seated on a stone throne and has a huge greatspear on his lap. Behind him is a strange symbol which looks to be the combination of the device of Moradin intertwined with the Symbol of Torog. It is chiseled into a giant skull made of black rock that has bronze horns affixed to it. The hall has 4 pillars made of crystalline rock that give off a dim light. The minotaur gets up from the throne and goes over to another minotaur wearing black leathers with a cloak filled with many pockets. A wicked looking scythe hangs at his waist. He is looking intently into a crystal orb on a pedestal in the middle of the room as Minoan addresses him:

“Tangarth, my brother. Now that we have removed the Mages of Saruun and the Seven- Pillared Hall is once again ours, we must restore order. I have need of your silver tongue. Can you go to the human village of Fallcrest and speak to our enlightenment here in the Underdark? Let them know we are not beasts and have lifted the yoke of the greedy Mages of Saruun. They were blinded by their lust for power and coin. We have no such blinders and only seek what is rightfully ours! We shall restore Saruun Khel, our heritage and culture is rich and diverse! Baphomet’s curse has been lifted. We have aligned with the dwarves of the Ironwall Mountains – the Shadowed Chain. They speak of Giants – The farmland of Timbervale has been the subject of attacks. The dwarves of the place have sealed the wall and the Black Phoenix Pass has been closed. A tunnel runner arrived the other day claiming that an army of elementals and giajnts were forming. We must take this word to Fallcrest and join arms with them if we are to do anything about this threat. As you know forces of Demongorgon are still at large and the threat of the Drow is ever-present – I cannot accompany you myself. Let them know we wish to continue trade with the Vale and vanquish this new threat. I am sending you with Girthrax and Maif.”

Situated in the Tower of Mysteries, the minotaurs of Saruun Khel continue to observe the Seven Pillared Hall.

The Poisoned Shadows

The chaos immediately following the minotaurs’ re-conquest of the Seven-Pillared Hall was slowly evolving into a stable order. Until, that is, that several minotaurs went missing on patrol or turned up dead. Chafing at the vagaries of rulership, Minoan convenes his old adventuring comrades to investigate the murders and disappearances. It is soon discovered that the sewers on the Hall have been invaded by vicious shadar-kai—tainted humanoids fanatically dedicated to the Raven Queen and native to the Shadowfell. The familiar heroes are assisted by the human mercenary Gaffas Brandt in their investigation.

Running skirmishes with the shadar-kai assassins lead the heroes to a large chamber in the sewers—home to the shadow troll Snorenaugh and his Trollshade allies. It is soon discovered that the shadow troll has no formal agreement with the shadar-kai, and merely wanted to be left alone. The monster made reference to another large chamber in which the shadar-kai’s leader plotted and resided.

The heroes of the hall penetrated deeper into the fetid sewers, only to come under an assault by vicious Wrack Abishai, a race of immortal servitors most commonly associated with the Dark Lady, Tiamat!

Kobold Hall

There has been a great upheaval in the Nentir Vale come of late. There has been a rustling in the surrounding mountains. The dwarven tribes are restless. Vital trade routes into the Stonefang pass newly named the Black Phoenix pass have been reestablished. But this has caused a backlash; as the dwarves in Hammerfast have had exclusivity in trading ironwork in the Nentir Vale and now have new competition from the West.

Peels of lightning and thunder have been heard down in the valley below the infamous Thunderspire Mountain. Rumor has it that a great battle is imminent deep below in the ancient labyrinth of Saruul Khan and the Mages of Suruun that have run the Seven Pillar Hall with an iron fist are now caught in the middle. Black Fang Gnolls of the Moon hills have taken up the sword and tales of attacks on the Trade Road have become more and more common place.

It has been told that a minotaur ambassador has been sent to Fallcrest on behalf of the Mages of Saruun. But death follows on his heals as the town is thrown into a pitched battle with pirates, raging barbarians and blood lusting demons.

What has happened to the Illustrious Black Phoenix whose exploits include opening up the Stonefang pass and driving back gnoll raiding parties on the Trade Roads?

The Lord Warden of Fallcrest, Faren Markelhay (pronounced “FAIR-en-MARK-ill-ay”) is a balding, middle-aged human with a keen mind and a dry wit. He is a busy man and sees to local matters personally, so adventurers calling on him are likely to wait a long time for a short interview. However, he is eager for news of other towns in the Vale (and farther lands as well) and never turns away someone who brings him news or waits to see him. Lord Warden Markelhay can usually be found in the Moonstone Keep in Fallcrest.

It has been rumored that since the loss of his premier knight and champion Sir Otto and the recent report that his eldest son Ernesto has gone missing he is in dire straits….

The ruined manor now known as Kobold Hall was once a minor lord’s proud holding, a walled keep overlooking the old King’s Road. That was years ago, and the lord’s name and the glories he earned are long forgotten. Today, the place is called Kobold Hall after the malicious humanoids that infest the place. The Cloak Wood has overrun the grounds, with trees growing in the midst of abandoned gardens and courtyards. Several kobold tribes dwell within the ruins, hiding in the multitude of tunnels, ruins, and cellars found here. The tribes squabble with each other, raid surrounding settlements, and attack caravans on the old King’s Road. Lately, the kobolds have become more aggressive. The Skull Kicker tribe has taken over or driven off the rival tribes. Emboldened, the Skull Kickers stole a wagon loaded with valuable cargo from a caravan on the King’s Road. As the adventure begins, the characters find themselves in the small town of


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