Miraal's Journal

One day ago—

The raiding party I sent hasn’t reported in yet. It seems those disgusting and inferior creatures (by Llolth, there are 2 smelly minotaurs, not mention a human/elf mix included in their ranks) were more dangerous than I originally surmised.

4 days ago-

A group of hopelessly mixed (and inferior) racial composition invaded Lady Llolth’s Fane today. I was alarmed at first, but, one of my holy warriors spotted their impish halfling spy as he infiltrated Her Unholy Sanctum. The little round-faced rat immediately fled and somehow managed to lock the door behind him!

Even my summoned demons could not break the doors down! I quickly tired of the game and uttered a quick incantation which detonated a holy warrior, thereby destroying the doors to the temple.

Well, this bumbling group of inferiors finally saw the forces arrayed against them and decided to parley with my host. True weaklings, indeed!

I was able to coerce them into stealing the much-needed Deep Copper from those stinking infernal duergar of Clan Grimmerzhul! This was a stroke of genius on my part! Now we can even keep our slave-trading business relationships intact and proceed as normal. They will provide a suitable force of vanguard fodder for when we take the Seven Pillared Hall. Let those weakling Mages of Saruun hurl their most powerful spells at our expendable forces while House Xarzax’s finest soldiers infiltrate their precious tower while I direct the Bronze Warders to crush their former masters with the amulet.

The riches that I plunder from the Mages will be enough to hire more elite mercenaries so that I might finally challenge Matron Hegeminia for leadership! I’ll have to watch out for Grundul, though. My brother is nothing if not a lethal practitioner of the necromantic art.

And think of it—-House Xarzax on the ruling council!

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Those dung heaps from the surface left one of their number with me to “learn about the amulet” from that annoying apprentice, Kevinneq.
Right away, I noticed he was a shapechanger. I had him tortured and killed. I don’t need any spies here—not when my goal is in sight. Won’t his friends be surprised when my troops ambush them on their way back from the mines! I sent the large raiding party out only hours after they left.

5 Days ago

Kevinneq informs me that he has gone as far as he can with the tools he has. The amulet is almost ready to have the necessary enchantments placed upon it, yet it needs one more ingredient. This ingredient (called deep copper by the apprentice) is found near areas of planar flux—quite common in the Underdark. After consulting Paldemar’s research materials, the nearest such planar flux is located somewhere shallower than our present position and near to the Thunderspire Labyrinth.

With Kevinneq’s effort and Paldemar’s researches being insufficient, I had no choice to but the perform the Ritual of Twining, a powerful rite in the Church of Llolth that would provide answers from Her demonic minions. I volunteered one of my holy warriors to be the blood sacrifice of the ritual and, thusly, commenced. Immediately on completion of the Chant of Webs, the Guardian Demons appeared. Through careful questioning, I learned of the location of the desired planar flux—an area of weakness between this world and the Far Realm. It’s actually inside the Grimmerzhul mine. Damned duergar! I cannot risk offending those dimunitive, infernal tools! We are under contract to purchase slaves from them—a great many! House Xarzax doesn’t wish to expend it’s whole force in this venture, so, Matron Hegeminia has “seen fit” to allow me to purchase surplus chattel. Stronger, more aggressive and savage natures being the particular requirements. Were we drow to attack the duergar clan, our easy and plentiful supply of slaves would immediately cease. I cannot let that happen! I must find a….subtler means of acquiring this precious metal!

One Month ago

The plan proceeds. Paldemar, although a powerful mage (for a human), appears to be too scatterbrained to see his plot to fruition. His overtures to the Blackfang Gnolls have yet to bear fruit and the Cult of Demongorgon Demogorgon is threatening the whole operation with the recent adventures on the surface! Mindless animals! The cult is still few in number, but they are a savage force. We can’t afford to ignore the threat they pose forever…Kevinneq has proven quite useful! When confronted by my assassin, he parleyed for my personal patronage. He promises that he, himself, can make the item which Paldemar has, so far, been less than willing to discuss. There are rumblings that a group of heroes from a nearby town have arrived to help the Mages of Saruun. Damned Paldemar! He moves too slow! Yet, his delay will only result in his death, which, in turn, will be to my benefit. Kevinneq is just about finished making his Infernal Machine. The creation of the Amulet of Saruun is at hand!

Two Months ago

Curses on that old bitch, Hegeminia! This assignment is not worthy of my talents and is an affront to Her Unholy Majesty, Lady Lloth of the Spiders! Apparently, the old bat’s “auguries” have informed her of a certain Mage of Saruun who seeks to overthrow his comrades. The mage, who goes by the name of Paldemar, seeks our assistance in dealing with several disparate matters that require our specialized skills in thievery and assassination. I have been given the dubious “honor” of representing Matron Hegeminia and all of House Xarzax while dealing with this pasty human! Ugh! I have seldom seen the wickedness required to operate at this level of intrigue in a human. Of course, I can’t refuse a matron’s will, so…I will go along with it, for now. My first order of business is having his young apprentice, Kevvineq, meet his end.

One Year ago

Praises to Llolth and House Xarzax, for we have destroyed House Tormtor! I have even managed to slay that slut priestess, Fezerina! Oh, how I’ve longed for my revenge! The Dark Lady has shined her favor upon me! Llolth severed her connection with that know-it-all and I was able to rain destruction down on her—humiliating her by making her watch as her personal slave (a human!) was made to enter me. I made sure that I entered him, in turn. Serves her right for cavorting with that ragged filth. Where were Tormtor’s vaunted slave forces this night, I ask? Easy enough to bribe their brutish ranks! Tonight they feast on the flesh of Tormtor and tomorrow, many of the leading Houses will split their ranks as we each take a part of the vanquished’s armies!

22 years ago

Tonight, I stare at the stars of the World Above! Even as I clean filthy human blood from my mace, I marvel at these little points of light in the sky. Llolth has blessed our operation on the surface. The town where our quarry was found didn’t provide much of a challenge. Mostly human families. We sacrificed them all to Llolth’s glory, keeping a few for chattel. Grundul saw fit to snare our quarry in a magical cage of force while his wife was dismembered and decapitated (praise Llolth!) . We put all the structures we found to the torch and Grundul managed to magically coerce his captive (Lenn, I believe was the human’s name) to accompany us back to the dark beauty of Erelhei-Cinlu, where, undoubtably, he’ll suffer exquisite pain at the hands of my brother and Matron Mother Hegeminia. I chuckle at the thought! It raises such passions in me to see creatures of the surface in agony. Perhaps I’ll visit Grundul’s part of the camp tonight for a little….brotherly love.

Miraal's Journal

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