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The Saga Continues…

Don’t you guys ever tire of making new first level characters to explore the Nentir Vale?


The party of heroes known as the Scions of Saruun have not been active for many months. The overthrow of the mysterious Mages of Saruun has given way to a new power—a reborn kingdom of Saruun Khel! As minotaurs arrive from all directions, their leader, Minoan, works constantly to strengthen his kingdom and their devotion to the Lord of the Underdark, Torog.


His right-hand minotaur, Tangarth Saruun, advises the King, all the while seeing to the day to day operations of the Seven-Pillared Hall and it’s position as pre-eminent center for trade with the traditionally unwelcome races from the Underdark. The other communities of the Nentir Vale have remained suspicious of the new kingdom of minotaurs, but their alarm at the turn of events has abated since news first reached them.

Members of Minoan’s council begin to go missing and, in some cases, turn up dead all over the Labyrinth. Bored with the responsibilities of rulership, the King of Saruun Khel gathers his adventuring companions and heads into the sewage tunnels beneath the Seven-Pillared Hall…


Old Stuff

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