Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

A Passage Revealed

Having vanquished Maldrick Scarmaker, the party had eliminated all remaining, imminent threats to the Mages of Saruun. In reward for this task, the Mages allowed the adventurers to claim the Tower of Mysteries as their own. Using their collective coin, the Men from Fallcrest (as they’ve come to be known inside the Seven Pillared Hall) brought in clerics to purge the stain of evil Vecna worship from the premises. One of the clerics discovered Paldemar’s notes and research, and, unbeknownst to the party, delivered it into the hands of the Mages of Saruun. Far from trusting their employees, the Mages wished to keep Paldemar’s research into controlling the Bronze Warders secret forevermore. Perturbed at the news of the Mages’ theft of Paldemar’s research, Morph the Mage rails against the jealous and secretive nature of the Mages of Saruun.

The duplicitous cleric, however, missed a nondescript sheet of parchment. Written in an archaic form of Elvish, the letter was addressed to Paldemar and discussed a “mutually benefical” alliance and contained a crude map, indicated a meeting place many miles into the Underdark. While searching the tower, the Men of Fallcrest discover a secret passage on the ground floor of the tower.

The passage leads the adventurers deeper underground for days at a time. Finally, the reach a small cavern in which to rest. No rest was taken, though, as a geyser of caustic liquid exploded on the stunned heroes. Thinking quickly, the halfling rogue Finn Birchcutter severed the cap of a large mushroom and plopped it inside the mouth of the geyser—effectively shielding the rest of party from it’s next explosion. Soon, though, more terror as a large rock in the room began moving, revealing itself to be a dread Roper. The roper grabbed Tangarth Saruun with it’s tentacles, dragging the minotaur sorcerer to it’s waiting maw. Between the erupting geyser and the vicious roper, the adventurers were hard pressed—some even near death—but, eventually, the Men of Fallcrest triumphed and slew the foul denizen of the Underdark.

After catching their breath, the heroes proceeded further into this savage and alien land. They entered a large cavern that contained the ruins of a Dwarven fortress and were ambushed by more Grimmerzhul Duergar! A Duergar bloodmage made his presence known as he hurled fiendish spells towards the party, hampering their progress. The infernal creature would cut and gash himself then use the blood to power his magicks. More duergar—warriors, this time, shot bolt after bolt at the party, but failed to halt their momentum. The infernal dwarves were slaughtered.



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