Mysteries of the Nentir Vale

Elemental Rift!

A huge tunnel bores into mighty Stonefang Mountain; The crumbled dwarven ruins near the entrance can’t hide the fact that this marvel must have been built by giant hands. In fact, two enormous statues of wild-haired giants flank the entrance, carved in place as if holding up the weight of the mountain.

Most of the tunnel through the Black Phoenix Pass is 40 feet wide and 50 feet tall. Geometric shapes and faux pillars decorate the walls for most of its length, with occasional areas decorated by huge bas-relief carvings of giants. In the places with the giant carvings, the dwarves made their own smaller bas-relief carvings. Although respectful of the giant’s artistry in the way they are arranged, the dwarven carvings refute the grand images of the giants by showing dwarves slaying giants and freeing themselves from slavery. Various sized cracks split the carved tunnel walls in places, and cold, drinkable water from the mountain above sometimes trickles down the cracks, streaming across the floor and pooling in low points or escaping through cracks in the floor. In many places, the ceiling is riddled with half-inch long stalactites that have begun to form among the limestone.

A deep rumble fills the tunnel, and suddenly the ground shakes. A wide crevasse opens behind the group, separating them from the knights with an ear splitting crack, followed by a smaller opening in the ceiling.
Duggin noticed a large hole in the ceiling – it was a rift of some sort – pulsating with elemental energy.

Up from the cracks and through the rift came a hill giant shaman and magma beasts. hillg1.jpg

In a deep gravelly voice the Shaman taunted Duggin: “Duggin – you are too late for our task here has been completed. Stonefang sends his regards.”

Magma beasts are elemental beings that originate in the Elemental Chaos. Many now live in the natural world, having crossed over into volcanic regions of the surface and the Underdark.magma1.jpg

As shield, Sir Mike and Scrooples fought off the magma beasts Duggin countered the ritual the Hill Giant started and closed the rift as waves of energy from the elemental chaos washed over his companions.magma2.jpg



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