Minoan is a massive minotaur with rippling muscles and giant cloven feet. He has raised scar tattoos of circular labyrinths on his arms and chest. He holds a Greatspear that radiates with power. His horns are clad in shiny metal that glint in the light


When he talks he drags out his vowels – Thuunderspire Mouuntaain – thus Saruun Khl. He snorts and stomps his cloven feet for effect and pounds his chest and arms.

Hundreds of years ago my ancestors founded the city of Saruun Khel in the depths below Thunderspire Mountain. They controlled the Nentir Valley and surrounding lands and bent the others races to their oppressive will. In the beginning the herd followed Baphomet exclusively and exonerated the demon lord. However, three centuries ago, a battle for the throne of Saruun Khel erupted in a vicious civil war. Out of anger at the Minotaurs’ growing devotion to Torog, it is said that Baphomet cursed my people with mindless fury. Thus when one faction was defeated, the battle continued until there was almost none of my herd left…
Although the glory of Saruun Khel and its minotaur herd is gone there is still power in the Thunderspire labyrinth! You may of heard the legends of the Well of Demons where the minotaurs of Saruun Khel made sacrifices and proved their prowess to Baphomet. The Well of Demons was a minotaur monastery devoted to berserkers, destruction and mindless fury. Paldemar along with his Blackfang gnoll allies attempted to convert the temple to Yeenoghu. This was thwarted a few months ago by a blundering band of clueless greedy adventurers who rededicated the temple to Demogorgon through the guiles of one of his minions, who perhaps tricked these fools into completing a ritual that somehow redirected the power of the Well to the foul two headed god.

We have heard rumor that the Stonefang pass is now open and we have made contact with the dwarves of the Shadowed Chain. The Shadowed Chain are one of the few tribes who understand the true power of Torog and his battle with the elementals and titans that are set on freeing themselves from the Underdark into the world above and beyond. The patient one may be demonized by the surface folk but they do not understand the Underdark. The gods above have no sway here – even the mighty Moradin who claims to have power has only scratched its surface. Torog and he alone keep these powers at bay! If it was not for him Loth and her vile dark elves would have most of the surface in her malicious webs. The Shadow Chain warns of rumblings in the deep dark. The gnolls are on the war path, Demogorgon’s minions are raiding villages on the surface, the duergar are emboldened and the drow are planning their attacks.

The great Underdark labyrinth was created by the King who crawls. It touches and is a part of all realms – the surface, feywild, shadowfell and elemental planes. It is an endless maze filled with wonder and beauty and even though we understand the nature of Torog we can also appreciate his creation. To all things there are two sides; light and dark, beauty and ugliness it is so with the gods themselves. It is our opinion that there is only one true god of the Underdark and it is Torog.


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