Sir Etheran Markelhay

Paladin of Pelor and Protector of the lands and laws of the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay


He sits upon a celestial warhorse wearing gold plated armor. He has a black cloak and shield that are both emblazoned with the symbol of the sun. He has red hair and goatee with a long pointed nose. He holds aloft a sword that wreathes in fire that is as bright as the sun.


Since the death of the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay’s oldest Son Ernesto, Etheran is next in line. Etheron has a twin sister Adeliza who is also 17; both are redheads and look more like their mother the Lady Allande. Etheron has a pointed Markelhay nose and dons a goatee in a similar style to his father.

Like his brother before him the 17 year old Prince of the Nentir Vale is young, self-possessed and now the rightful heir apparent. Unlike his brother he is not particularly arrogant or lazy. He was partially estranged by his father the Lord Warden Faren Markelhay. His father had little time for his wife and children as he was busy with stately matters. Not being brought up being the next in line he was often overlooked and forgotten. Ernesto commanded respect and was a born leader. Being the middle child of royalty had its own challenges. He never saw the point of his lessons and since his mother was always fawning over the Knight Sir Otto, Etheron often spent the days hiding in Moonstone Keep playing with his sister at Knight and Lady.

When he became a knight he spent much of his time in the House of the Sun listening to Grundelmar’s sermons. The spirited Dwarf went on about smiting evil wherever it may lurk. How Pelor made the sun and brought the people out of darkness and wickedness; To defend the weak and help the poor. Grundelmar gave Etheron a sacred copy of The Light of Pelor which Etheron cherishes and reads from daily. The gilded book glows with soft solar radiance when it is closed and Etheron always has it nearby. Etheran memorized it’s prayers and tenants believing that the life-giving sun is the best cure all. Justice and freedom are brought about through charity, modesty, perseverance and self-sacrifice. Etheron strove to perform so many good acts that evil had no room to exist in his life. He swore his life to defend compassion and goodness. He became a Cavalier and sought to banish evil from the realm.

“Equity for the Meek with Perseverance and Strength”

When his mother had his brother Galahad he spent more and more time questing away from Fallcrest. His latest quest was to the Witchlight Fens to save Moonstair from an onslaught of trolls. His father finally seeing the value of his son bestowed upon him Sunwrath – their ancient family sword and sent him to free the besieged town. Getting word from his father there was another looming threat to the Nentir Vale – The threat of giants – heading out to the Black Phoenix Pass he intended to help the adventurers His father sent as a reconnaissance team to learn what was behind this attack.

Sir Etheran Markelhay

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