Mysteries of the Nentir Vale


Return to the Glinshields

The stone giant, Laerthar, fell with a loud thump to the hardwood floor of Nosnra’s quarters. Scroopel hopped up, immediately, onto the two heaps of dead giant flesh. The little goblin rifled through the stinking furs, looking for anything of value-there was none. He gave a little shrug and slid down Nosnra’s bloody form.

Duggin leaned back, reclining on a giant-sized chair leg, while trying to regain his breath. He gazed at the dead dire bear, towards the rear of the chamber.

“Nasty varmint!” the dwarf spat.

“Mm..yes, a terrible…uhh..specimen." Nimozaran muttered.

Shield stood motionless in the midst of burnt giant remains. He was coming down from what the others might call an adrenaline rush, but the construct didn’t have a name to put on it. Sure, he was battered, dented and his metal skin was nearly cracked below his breastplate, but he felt no physical pain. He just new he’d need someone to repair him.

Nimozaran the Green held a pair of spectacles to his eyes while he read the communications of the giants. Who was Obmi? Who was King Snurre? The latter appeared to be the overall commander of the operation. The former, the old wizard had no clue.

“We need to return to the Gintshield clan, friends. This news is of urgent import to the king. We’ve learned a great deal about what’s going on here, but, there’s much that remains to be discovered.”

Duggin stood back up and spoke.

“Agreed, Nimo. There’s still giants about, but they’ll be no further threat to the Vale. Still, we face the rest of the army…giants all! We need to speak to the King. He’ll have an idea of what to do and where to go, from here.”


“Hail Thane Harvak of Clan Glintshield! I pledge my sword to the protection of your people.” He drops to one knee holding Sunwrath in front of him. The sword blazes in fire, at his command, and fills the room with an intense light as bright as the midday sun.

He gets up and bows to the Thane one more.

“Pelor bless you and your people. It is good to see you have withstood these attacks from the giants. I was astounded to find the Black Phoenix pass closed once more. I hope we can do something to end this conflict. I have been told that my father the Lord Warden has sent a reconnaissance team to learn what is behind these attacks. Have you heard from them?”

He takes of a mailed glove and wipes the dirt of the road off his face with a purple cloth.

“I see that Timbervale is all but abandoned and the people are hopefully safe in Winterhaven. We have come via the Ogrefist Hills around Gardbury Downs to save time to get here. We have just come from Moonstair in the Witchlight Fens. My father charged me with their protection. They were being in danger of being overrun by trolls but we believe they are safe for now. We found Skalmad in Bravak, a lonely ruin in the Witchlight Fens, fought an intense battle, but the troll king retreated and narrowly escaped the just punishment of Pelor. Skalmad bragged about a something called “The Stone Cauldron”. It appears to be the source of his power and although it protects him, we gave him a thumping that he soon will not forget! We are not sure what this “Stone Cauldron” is but my men are searching for it as well as the lair of this so called king.”

Behind him steps forward an imposing figure, a tall, muscular dragonborn, His bronze scales are covered in fine black spots. He wears elegant scale armor and has a flail slung across his back.

Etheran clears his throat, perhaps at the interruption, and introduces him: “Please meet the noble knight Bax.”

Bax bows courtly then retorts: “We got word from The Lord Warden Markelhay that this was a much more pressing matter.”


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