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No dragonborn are native to Fallcrest,
but travelers occasionally pass through and take up
work for a time, especially as bodyguards or caravan
guards. The Halfmoon halflings, House Azaer,
and the importer Naerumar have work available for
a capable adventurer.

Dythan’s Legion
– in search of ancient Arkosian Artifacts and bent on restoring their former glory


A fair number of dwarves live in Fallcrest, so
a dwarf character could easily be a native of the
city—perhaps a relative of Teldorthan Irontooth. If
not, the nearest dwarven homeland is Hammerfast,
a week’s travel distant. Merchants and crafters from
Hammerfast travel to Fallcrest to trade or work,
lodging in one of the local inns for a few weeks.
• Hammerfast dwarves from the nearby Dwarven outpost of the same name
• Thane Harvak – Glintshield Clan
• The Shadowed Chain – Gwendar, leader of the cult of Torog


Eladrin are not often seen in Fallcrest. Some
of the old manors in the Moon Hills and the nearby
parts of the Vale were once the homes of well-off
eladrin families; a player character eladrin might
hold the title to an abandoned estate a mile or two
out of town, which provides a good reason to call
on Lord Markelhay (and earns the enmity of Armos
Kamroth, who wants the land for his own).
• Elves of the Cloak Wood
• Harken’s Heart – protectors of the Harken Forest


Elves are also scarce in Fallcrest, but a small
number reside in and around the town. Ressilmae
Starlight of the temple of Sehanine might be a relative
or an old friend of an elf character. Elves from
outside Fallcrest might belong to the Woodsinger
clan from the Harkenwold Forest.
• Elves of the Cloak Wood
• Harken’s Heart – protectors of the Harken Forest


A small number of half-elves reside in Fallcrest
or the vicinity. Most are well-off farmers or
herders living in the Moon Hills near the town; the
rest are expert artisans—jewelers, tailors, or woodworkers—
in the town. A half-elf player character
can be the child or relative of a Fallcrest family.


Halflings are the most numerous people
in Fallcrest aside from humans, and they come
from any walk of life. A Fallcrest native might be
related to the Halfmoon family, the Ostermans of
the Silver Unicorn, or the Thistletons of Fallcrest Stables. Halflings descended from the traders who pass through Fallcrest can be members of the Swiftwater clan.
• River Rats – thief guild in Fallcrest


Most of Fallcrest’s people are human. Characters

with rural backgrounds likely grew up on
the farms in the nearby Moon Hills. Characters
with an urban upbringing might be the children of
well-off landowners such as the Kamroths, or ruffians
and sellswords who had a hard childhood in
• Mother Grivelda – Vistani Soothsayer
• Tigerclaw Barbarians


Two tiefling families and a few individuals
live and thrive in Fallcrest, including the Azaers
and the Naerumars
• Fell Court – scions of Bael Turath determined to restore their shattered empire

Available Races Information

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